The snow-laden streets of Moscow are heating up this week for Russian Fashion Week. With rain and snow expected, the fall/winter 2011/12 collections will appear on the runways with ease.
One of the many stars coming out this week is premier couture designer, Valentin Yudashkin. A Russian staple, I couldn’t help but share some looks from Yudashkin’s spring/summer collection for 2011 released last fall. 
I love the unique flavor Yudashkin brings to the table with his bright jewel tones and folk art patterns. With puffed skirts and the occasional head wrap, these gorgeous women have the fiery/folksy look of haute couture babushka dolls!

What do you think?
Does Valentin Yudashkin make the grade, or do you think these looks are a far cry from what we’ve been seeing come through in Paris and New York?