Welcome to Day 2 of our Valentine’s Day 3 Ways! So far we have taken a look at what The Sweetheart would wear on her big night out this Valentine’s Day. Today we are talking to all of you sassy ladies out there, the Vixens of the world! I know we have some Lulus vixens, so lets take a look at what options we have for you daring divas!

If you aren’t The Vixen, I am sure you remember one or two of them because this kind of hottie is hard to forget. Confident in everything that she does, The Vixen dresses to impress and to leave a permanent impression on all who meet her. Often the bad girl, the life of the party, the witty jokester, the actress and the siren, these fierce mamas know how to use what they have and make it work for them! Not afraid of bold shades of red, deep blacks, and all that glitters, The Vixen really knows how to shine. Don’t be suprised if this girl has the hottest date in town, although she is equally as likely to be single and loving it, making everyone jealous of her charm and style! One of our beautiful models, Alyssa, who is shown above, is channeling her inner vixen with the We Belong to the Night Dress, the Bamboo Recap Wedges, and the Chain Reaction Evening Clutch. If you are a true Vixen or just want to embody one this Valentine’s Day, here are some awesome Lulus options to make you stand out like the star you are!

Here we have two incredibly sassy dresses that embody two different kind kind of Vixens. On the left we have the Lights Camera Passion Strapless Red Dress. I love the silver and crystal beads embellishing this enchanting dress. This hot number is for your ultimate sultry Vixen; think Kim Kardashian. Definitely a girl unafraid to be bold. The second dress is the BB Dakota Terry Red Dress. With its stunning neckline and classic shape this dress is for your elegant Vixen; think Angelina Jolie. I love the bright reds of each of these dresses!

Here we have some shoes that pack a serious punch! On the left we have the Michael Antonio Studio Tibor Heels. I LOVE the traditional cut out on one side and the extreme covered ankle on the other side of these shoes! Ultimate bad girl style! Need something even more vixen-esque? Try our Michael Antonio Leno White and Gold Platform Heels. These platforms have a gold lined bottom that are sure to draw plenty of attention to you!

Come back this Friday for our final valentines Day look, The Nonconformist!

I know we have some fabulous Lulus Vixens out there! What are you planning on doing this Valentines Day? Even more importantly, what are you wearing?!