While perusing my daily blogs via tumblr the other day, I stumbled on one of the most visually stunning covers of Vogue I had ever seen. With a little research I found that these covers were made by a livejournal user shrubrub and instantly reached viral fame.
(India & China)

These covers represent every cover published in 2010 of each country’s editions, and the results are hauntingly beautiful.  Each cover also speaks volumes of the conventional layouts of some Vogue editions as opposed to others that take a more artistic approach and embrace the avant-garde.


In both the UK, US, DEUTCH vogue stick with the up close tight shot of the models face.


(UK, Deutch, US) 

While most other editions stick to a full length shot, with the model’s face framed within the “G”


(Portugal & Nippon)
(Austrailia, Hellas, & Espana) 

The two that stood out to me the most were Vogue Italia and Paris, with their dark and moody themes and eclectic covers, these two editions are an obvious step above the rest.


(Above:Turkey, Korea, Taiwan. Below: Brazil & Russia)

This final image is of all the 2010 covers merged into one with the text removed. Call it cliché but I think I can see the Virgin Mary in the picture…



Let’s take a poll and tell me which one is your favorite!