Food + Fashion. . .Oh Yeah!

Above: Betsey Johnson takes a crack at domestic life a’ la “Betsey” Crocker.

Food often inspires fashion subltly. Cake -like dresses, cute strawberry prints, plum purple accessories, etc.

It comes as no surprise that with the general love and infatuation for food that human beings have, designers and artists will go off the deep end at times, creating some of the amazing foodie designs seen here!

“Keep Your Sunny Side Up” by Teresa Nomura
This dress is breakfast-aculous!

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada gets Baguette-y with it!

Pasta Salad Ensemble by Willa Kim
(I wonder if you buy this one by the pound?)

Embroidered Wonder Bread by Catherine McEver.
OK, you can’t wear this, but it’s embroidered bread!!!!!! Have to give this woman props!