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Believe it or not, it’s already the end of October and the days are getting darker, more chilly, and a little spookier! Does this make you think of anyone? Maybe a Scorpio babe in your life? Scorpios are known for their calm & cool exterior, slightly mysterious nature, and effortless charms, so it’s no surprise their season is home to Halloween! Whether your costume this year is spooky or sexy, both fit the Scorpio vibe! Celebs like Lorde, Chloë Sevigny, and Winona Ryder are perfect examples of cool-girl Scorpio style, so if you’re trying to steal their look (we don’t blame you!) keep reading for a personalized list of Scorpio style tips for the signs!

If you don’t know where to start, keep these two words in mind: elevated basics. Elusive Scorpios love a style that’s simple enough to not reveal too much, but with a touch of drama! Think well-fitting jeans, solid colored tops, and killer footwear and accessories. Scorpios aren’t the type to splurge on a bold statement piece. They’re much more likely to spend the dough tailoring a staple so that the fit is impeccable or investing in a dependable basic! Try pairing a fitted top with your most flattering pair of jeans, and adding bold boots and a designer handbag to finish off your look!

olivajade - add bold but sleek accessories to get scorpio style

Neutral tones typically rule this sign, but their natural passion translates so well when they rock this vivid shade! A pair of statement red booties paired with an all-black ensemble or a bold belt to cinch your waist are easy ways to channel your inner Scorpio style! If you don’t feel totally confident slipping on such a bright shade, try out a red lip for a classic version of this statement-making hue!

try something sleek and sexy like a sheer top to emulate scorpio fashion

Need a night out outfit that won’t be too fussy? Turn to Scorpio style for inspiration. A subtly sexy mesh piece will glam up your jeans and looks ah-mazing paired under a leather jacket. Scorpio style is all about straddling the line between sexy and serious, so an edgy ‘fit with the perfect amount of skin is right up their alley!

If you’re ready to rock some Scorpio style, here’s a handy guide, just for you!
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Aries: Your sign’s power color is red, so take a cue from Scorpio and incorporate this standout shade in the form of luxe accessories. But instead of your usual statement looks, try more practical and streamlined styles to make it feel more scorpion-inspired.
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Taurus: Get out of your comfort zone – literally! Your sign tends to try on more relaxed-yet-fashion-forward styles than a Scorpio would choose. Try to bring some structure to your look by swapping your on-trend duster with something more structured.
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Gemini: Put the prints away! While your dual nature means you’re naturally adept at perfectly mixing prints, Scorpios prefer a more subdued approach. Try bringing the color level way down and wow them with your conversation skills instead of your multi print wrap dress.
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Cancer: Like your water sign sister, you feel strongly about…just about everything, but especially your clothes. Scorpios are less connected to sentimental items, so your best bet for rocking a Scorpio-inspired look is to make sure your outfit is fresh and modern, without any emotional baggage attached.
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Leo: We know you love the spotlight, but Scorpio style revolves around subtlety. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to be the best dressed in the room, just lose the statement pieces and rock a high quality basic with that Leo confidence.
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com!Virgo: Trade in your modest frocks and let your inner bad girl out! Scorpio style plays on the subtly sexy, so swapping your skater skirt for a bodycon is an easy way to go a little bolder without revealing too much! 
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Libra: Just like Scorpio, you already know the value of one or two high-end pieces, but try something a little edgier instead of your usual girly style. You can easily toughen up your favorite date night dress with a leather jacket for insta Scorpio style!
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Sagittarius: Keep it sleek and keep it chic! While that happy-go-lucky adventurous style is what we love about you, Scorpio style is a little more subdued. Keep your style simple and express yourself on the dancefloor instead!
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Capricorn: Let your wild side we know you have stashed somewhere out to play! We promise you’ll still look just as polished and profesh if you pair your blazer with something sheer!
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Aquarius: Your look is one-of-a-kind, and while a Scorpio is obviously fashionable, they’re more likely to stick to an outfit formula they know works. A slinky cami, high-waisted jeans, and amazing boots is a failsafe combo any Scorpio would love, but can be paired with your signature statement accessories to make it true to you.
Zodiac Style File: Virgo Style for the Signs at LuLus.com! Pisces: While you tend to be dreamier than your fellow water babe, you’re both super passionate signs. Take a cue from Scorpio and trade your floaty, dreamy dresses for something more straightforwardly sexy to show off your sensual side.

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