Happy Virgo season, babes!


Virgo style is easily summed up by their classic character traits: sophisticated, humble, and practical. They love solid colored separates, classic silhouettes, and always staying coordinated. If you’ve long coveted the always put-together style of Virgo icons like Blake Lively, Sophia Loren, and Stella Mccartney, read on for our tips for channeling Virgo style for each sign!


As described in this article by YourTango, Virgos are natural-born perfectionists. The pressure they put on themselves to be #flawless (is it any surprise Queen Bey is a Virgo?) can be detrimental, but it always leads to coordinated, on-point outfits with thought out details. They love a classic, pristine look, so a crisp, all-white ensemble with chic, contrasting details is totally up the alley of these modest Earth signs. If you decide to mimic this look, be sure to keep a stain-remover stick close by to truly capture the always over- prepared Virgo vibe. The last thing a Virgo would want to happen is to be caught with a flaw!


Even virtuous Virgo can have fun with their outfits. While they tend to favor solids, a ditsy floral speaks to their earthy souls and is still subtle enough to not be overwhelming. Being the sign of the maiden, Virgo style channels a sense of effortless femininity, so a fit-and-flare style dress is a solid choice, as it will amplify feminine curves without being overly showy. Just make sure you keep a lightweight sweater handy to throw over a deep neckline. Modest Virgo isn’t one to sport a revealing style.

If you want to channel some Virgo style into your sun sign, here’s a quick little cheat sheet!
⭐ Aries: Soften up. Virgos may be just as hardworking as you, but they aren’t quite as tough as nails as you can be. Swap your leather moto jacket for a chic blazer.
⭐ Taurus: Being Earth sign sisters makes this easy. You have a tendency for luxury, though, so sport a more humble handbag instead of the one with the 4 digit price tag.
⭐ Gemini: Tone down the whimsy. Your unpredictability is certainly charming, but Virgo style has a tendency to be a little more understated.
⭐ Cancer: Swap your flowy and feminine favorites for something with a little more structure. While it’s fun to go with the flow, schedule-loving Virgo isn’t quite as adaptable as you.
⭐ Leo: Dial back on the accessories and the wild prints. Virgos are simple! We love you for your wild side, but Virgo style tends to prefer chic solids to vibrant ‘fits.
⭐ Libra: Save the statement pieces for another time. Virgo style doesn’t usually lean on the daring side. Slipping on a delicate ring set or a simple chain necklace rather than your big, bold jewels can tone down an outfit.
⭐ Scorpio: Lighten up! Swap your favorite black tee for a pristine white one or throw a light-colored cardigan over your sexy tank. Demure Virgo can’t quite match the intensity of your charms.
⭐ Sagittarius: Your free-spirited nature totally shines through to your fashion, but Virgo style is a little more straight-laced. Instead of your usual Boho maxi, try a cute cardi + skater dress combo.
⭐ Capricorn: Just like Taurus, you’re already channeling a little Virgo style. Your earthy, polished nature is already similar to Virgo style, but you tend a dress a little more seriously. Try swapping your tried and true sheath dress for a fit-and-flare style.
⭐ Aquarius: Being the rebel of the zodiac, your style could not be more different than these traditional babes. Try stepping out of your comfort zone of wild cuts and experimental prints and see how a minimal chic ensemble suits you!
⭐ Pisces: Just like your water sign sisters, you love a flowy, feminine frock. You can still rock your romantic maxi, but try slipping a sturdy denim jacket on top to add the structure that Virgo craves!

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