One of my favorite parts about the arrival of Christmas is that it also signals the arrival of ski season!
As I was hunting for a new ski jacket a couple of weeks ago, I came across some vintage and retro-inspired coats, which of course was the inspiration for…
* * * 100 Years of Snow Bunnies! * * *
I hunted down pictures of lovely ladies on the slopes from every decade, and it was pretty interesting to see the snow style evolution we’ve experienced over the years.
Take a peek:
How did they do it in skirts? This pic translates to “Winter in Savoie – After a Snowfall.” Brave ladies!
The French always look good. Sigh.
I love the flapper hat and boots. This style is definitely been making a comeback lately.
Part of the 1938 ski team.
Jane Russel looks fabulous while getting a ski lesson.
She looks like a peppermint candy! So adorable!
c. 1967
My gorgeous mom! She’s wearing a hand-knitted blue sweater, ski pants, and boots! Love the mittens!
Brigitte Bardot looks gorgeous everywhere, wearing anything.
John Cusack and Diane Franklin in the movie “Better Off Dead.”
Mary Swanson from “Dumb and Dumber.”
Lindsey Vonn. 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist
Some pics taken from here.
Alright ladies, are you ready to hit the slopes?
Be glad you don’t have to do it in a dress!