Real talk: Your desk is kind of your command center — the workspace hub that’s dedicated to grinding, working hard and making boss babe moves. So shouldn’t it look the part? No one was ever inspired to turn their dreams into reality by a blah-looking desk accessorized with paper piles and an old janky stapler.

No, your desk should reflect you, your personality, your style, and your goals. So amp it up. With a few instant updates, you can turn your workspace into a spot that feels happy and inspiring, one that drives you to work even harder. And with pieces that are nice to look at and make you smile, it may start to not feel like work at all. Scroll on for four quick and easy ways to dress your desk for success.

1. Swap out your boring binders for pretty notebooks


It’s amazing how an organizer in a pop of pink or a gold striped notebook emblazoned with a cheeky saying can lift your mood even during the most stressful work days. Pick desk accessories in a color palette that’s pretty to look at and you’ll instantly feel more productive

2. Frame your favorite quote


Just a few encouraging, inspiring, or funny words can do wonders for you — so have them right there in a neat frame, ready to make you laugh, push forward, or all of the above!

3. Add a teeny succulent


Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Adding a little plant life to your desk has a soothing, homey effect, provides extra oxygen (yes, please) and just makes everything feel a little more inviting. Succulents are an excellent choice because they’re chic and low maintenance — perfect even if you don’t have a green thumb (raises hand).

4. Kick it up a notch with statement lighting.


Plug in this rainbow neon lamp and you’ll find it hard not to smile, even on the gloomiest of days.  A little bit of retro vibes never hurt nobody.

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