We could all use more positivity in our lives right? Of course we could. A smile or laugh goes a really long way when it comes to easing a groggy morning or soothing a tough day at work or school. So whether you’re looking for inspiration, a chuckle, or just a warm and fuzzy feeling, you need only turn to the ‘gram to get your fix. Forget about those accounts that make you feel envious of someone else’s life (reminder: no one’s is perfect) or guilty about not eating clean (pass the pizza, please) and hit follow on these hilarious, positive, smile-inducing Instagram accounts that will make your everyday instantly better.

Thoughts of Dog:

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This is the account you imagine your doggo would have — if he or she had thumbs and could speak English. Written from the perspective of a pupper who just loves his family and his toy “fren” Sebastian, this account is one of the purest corners of the Internet. The doggo’s misplaced punctuation marks only make it that much more adorable and giggle-worthy. It’s a guaranteed smile maker and will make you want to go hug your dog.

Tanks Good News:




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If you’re sick of all the bad news out there, tune into this account to see the good stuff people are doing every day — and have done throughout history. In addition to inspiring you to give back and be a better person, this account will give you hope for the future and faith in humanity. Yep, we’ll take it, please and thank you.

Every Outfit on Sex & The City:

Because fashion is life and Carrie and co. were everything. This account started as a way to document and discuss every single outfit on the hit show and has since started sprinkling in SATC-themed memes and a #WokeCharlotte series where everyone’s favorite Miss Priss schools her pals on diversity and cultural sensitivity. Yes, girl, yes.

Women Empower:




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Hit up this account for female inspiration on all fronts. Need a reminder to love yourself? A push to chase your goals or be fearless? An affirmation that you’re the best you there is (it’s true!)? It’s all right here for your double-tapping and screen-shotting enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Hit that follow button, babe!

88 KNCorbett: 

This “29 year-old adventurist-turned-mom of 2 in under 2 years” has her hands full with 4 dogs, a cat, 2 ducks and 2 babies — and it’s the stuff of Insta gold. We have no idea how she does it but she magically manages to get the whole pack (or most of them) to pose in ridiculously adorable poses that are almost faint-inducing. It doesn’t get much cuter, y’all. You’re welcome.

Cleo Wade:

Poet and author Cleo Wade always has the right words and is impossibly stylish, to boot. Her mission is to create “safe spaces for love, acceptance, and kindness to flourish.” If you need a reminder that things are never as bad as they seem, and want a little fashion inspo on the side, this is the account to follow. 

Whats your favorite account for positive vibes? Tell us on Instagram @lulus using #lovelulus!