Since we couldn’t make it to the royal wedding last week, we decided to pretend we were there at work! The Royal Wedding invitation clearly stated that ladies were required to wear a hat for the wedding service. In order to respect the wishes of the Royal couple, we happily obliged and saw it as a perfect opportunity for a themed Friday. 
When I saw these adorable ladies I had to snag a photo of them. Look how cute Simbala and Sarah’s floppy hats are! 
These two ladies decided on head pieces and I think Amy and Jorie look gorgeous!
Yes, there are guys that work here too! Josh looks so happy showing off his favorite hat. Who wouldn’t be happy in front of racks and bins filled with beautiful clothes?!
Rifat’s hat has to be my favorite from the day, since it is floral and fabulous! Renee chose a feather headpiece to mix it up a little bit and it looks great.
Sara looks so precious today in her crocheted hat, she’s ready for a day of sunshine in the park. Kellen is always such a good sport and participates in our themed Fridays and she out-did herself with this gorgeous hat that I secretly want!
Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by! We hope you all have a good weekend and do something super fun for mom on Sunday!