With Christmas in full bloom, I’ve managed to glean some of the cleverest and captivating potential presents out there. From super-glam to total ham, I share with you the harvest of my pre-shopping perusing.
If you’ve got an extra $1499.99 lying around, you can purchase this limited edition Etch-A-Sketch that is bedecked with 10,000 Swarovski Crystals. But hurry . . . there are only six in the world!
A pizza sleeping bag from the Comfort Food series at Fiber and Craft Emporium.
A 57.5″ tall stuffed Polar Bear . . . rawr.
And ohhhh, the old inflatable fruitcake.
(images courtesy of fao.com, connectdesign, and perpetualkid.com)
 OK, I don’t have an iPhone, but this cross-stich-your-own-iPhone-cover kit just HAD to make it on the list!
What’s the best thing YOU’VE seen?