Perhaps you’ve heard of the mad comedian/crafter Amy Sedaris? 
Most famous for her role on Comedy Central’s, “Strangers with Candy”, Sedaris has brought an edgy yet mysteriously lighthearted air to her craft. 
What exactly is her her craft, you might ask?
Well, beyond being a a leading funny girl, Sedaris has begun authoring beautifully spoofy books filled with tacky retro-style pictures. Her newest follow-up to “I Like You” has just been released in time for Xmas! 
“Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People” features page after page of almost sickening technicolor photos with Amy pulling out all the stops in crafting ridiculousness. Besides the many project ideas, you will learn to, “create your own craft room and avoid the most common crafting accidents (sawdust fires, feather asphyxia, pine cone lodged in throat)”.
Perhaps Amy will teach us to make this fabulous garb!
Or this handy typewriter!
While Amy may not fit into everyone’s craft basket, she carries such an innocent, wholesome way of making fun, you can’t help but feel that this nutty crafter has stitched herself a heart of gold!
Are there any other craft/Sedaris fans out there?