Lulus Black Handbag


Well, 2018 is officially more than halfway done. We’ve finally hit August (cue JVN’s signature “can you believe?!”) and it’s time to kiss our summertime wildness goodbye and focus on buckling down for the fall. With six whole planets going through a retrograde at some point during the month of August, you might feel a liiiiiittle scatterbrained, but don’t worry! We curated a list of handbags for our favorite zodiac signs (hint: it’s all of them!) to help you get back in business and make the transition from summer to fall a little bit easier.

Aries: Where ya headed, Aries? Anywhere and everywhere? We know you’re a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal, but we promise it won’t hurt to be a little prepared. Treat your impulsive self to a bag that’s spacious enough for anything you might need, like the Stay the Night Burgundy Weekender Bag. She’s roomy enough to hold everything from a to-go makeup bag to a portable charger, so you don’t show up for your next adventure with 2% battery again.

Taurus:  Sweet, sensible Taurus values craftsmanship and practicality, so a sturdy, structured purse, like our Back On Top Black Handbag, is sure to please! And it’s big enough to tote around all of the, ahem, essentials a Taurus loves to hoard on a day to day basis. Plus, this handbag looks so profesh no one would ever assume it’s just full of granola bars and mini condiments.

Gemini: Our dynamic Gemini babes can be a little unpredictable, but we love them for it! This changeable sign needs a purse as versatile as they are, and the Van Ness Black Quilted Convertible Mini Purse is almost as adaptable as a Gemini! They can wear it classic crossbody, or as a trendy belt bag, so it’ll suit whichever personality they’re putting on that day!

Cancer: Sentimental Cancer loves a timeless classic, so the ageless shape of the Sincerely Stylish Taupe Purse is a natural match. Bonus points for the gold lock closure that matches their bashful personalities. Plus, it’s roomy enough to fit a little pack of tissues, just in case they remember that totally adorbs cute animal compilation video and get a little misty-eyed.

Leo: Regal Leo feels comfortable in the spotlight, so they’re going to need a bold bag that’ll grab all the attention they require. Something like the Wistowe Black and Leopard Print Pony Hair Mini Purse, and its genuine pony fur detailing, is a little extra, but like, so are these fire sign babes. We suggest diva Leo pairs this handbag with matching leopard print mules for a look that’s full of drama.

Virgo: Virgo, do you ever like, chill? We know “overanalyze” is your middle name, but we double-dog dare you to try out something that’ll simplify your life, like the Hyde Beach Black Purse. She’ll fit just the essentials, leaving you with less time to worry and more time to get things done. Phone, keys, wallet, and out the door, babe!

Libra: Hey, Libra, we know decision making doesn’t come naturally for you, so don’t stress. We picked out the Clarissa Black and White Gingham Backpack just for you! You love a good trend, so you already know how in gingham is rn, but the perks don’t stop there. Opting for a mini backpack instead of a crossbody bag isn’t going to throw off your balance and you can rest easy knowing your outfit is symmetrical.

Scorpio: Illusive Scorpio tends to fancy themselves as the most interesting person in the room, and they need a complex bag to reflect that. The Haskins Nude Purse brings the visual interest with contrasting stripes that’ll have everyone asking “Girl, where did you get that purse?” Don’t be afraid to share your secrets, Scorpio!

Sagittarius: We all love a good adventure, but jet-setting Sagittarius is always trying to get a move on. They need a bag that’s going to match their free-spirited style, and our Sidewalk Stunner Grey Backpack is ready to go!  Plus, the cool O-ring at the back doubles as a handle so you can easily wrangle your Sagittarius friends when they get impatient and try to leave the party before the Uber shows up!

Capricorn: Perfectionist Capricorn loves things to be, well, perfect, so the Perfect Grade Black Purse is an easy sell based on the name alone! Superlatives aside, this cute little handbag is practical, straight-to-the-point, and definitely not here to mess around. Though, despite all its unfussiness, it does boast a cute little tassel. We know deep, deep in our hearts Capricorns are able to have fun sometimes. 

Aquarius: Whoever came up with the phrase “rebel without a cause” must have been close with an Aquarius. The resident rule-breaker of the zodiac marches to the beat of their own drum, and don’t ever try to convince them otherwise! A sign so unbothered couldn’t care less about seasonal limitations to style, so carrying a woven bag, like the Perth Ivory Woven Bucket Bag, well into the fall may seem uncouth to some, but is totally on brand for an Aquarius.

Pisces: Hopeless romantic Pisces is probably hoping to be the first in their squad to be cuffed come fall, so a pretty purse that easily converts into an evening bag, like the Carmelita Blush Pink Purse, is an obvious choice for these last days of summer. Meet one date for an afternoon walk in the park and another for dinner without worrying about changing handbags!