It’s that time again!  
  Whether you’re loving it, or offering a faint sigh right now, going back to school always offers a tinge of excitement. New books, new classes, new subjects, maybe you’re off to your first day of college! 
  Well ladies, let me tell you I’ve been through it, and I’d like to share a few of my best tips to help you ride out the semester!
1. Get a day planner! Especially if you are off to college. Organize your due dates, group meetings and extra-curricular activities. Take it out before the end of each class and jot down your homework assignment and due date! The fun part: Choose a planner with happy pictures or fun facts. Little Otsu publishes some of the cutest planners I’ve seen!
2. Don’t Stress! Besides making your hair fall out, it’s hard to be productive. When work starts piling up to no end, put your head down and start working. Then you can assure yourself that you are doing all you can, and soon those piles will shrink!
3. Don’t Cut Class: Perfect attendance is one of the best ways to keep your grades up. You’ll know what’s going on, be able to get more work done during class, and also earn the respect of your teachers.
4. Get Some Rest: Reserve sometime during the week that is just for you, Sundays are a good time to get out and go to the park to let your brain breathe. Tip: Falling asleep writing that paper? Go to bed and wake up extra early to finish it. Your mind will be much clearer after a little shut-eye!
And now the fun part!!!
Back to School Fashion Tips:

5. Accessorize!: Extend your wardrobe on a budget by adding a new belt, cute hat or big focal necklace. (Check out “It Girls” Dree Hemingway and Isabel Lucas in their cute accessories, and below are few more ideas that simply sparkle!)
6. Make a Wish List: I have my sister make a wish list and email it to me, so when those birthdays and other special occasions come around I know what to get her.You don’t have to be pushy, but if someone asks, why not!
Do you have any Back to School Tips?