Now that Christmas is over and New Years has come and gone, it’s easy to get into a post-holiday slump. Don’t let the winter chill get you blue!
Here are some fun tips for keeping your spirits up when the temperatures are low!
1. Plan a party. How about a winter ball? Dress up in your best party dress and celebrate the snow! Or whip up some appetizers and challenge your friends to a mad game of Cranium or Battle of the Sexes!

2. Set some goals you’re excited about. This doesn’t mean boring, nasty goals like losing weight or eating more spinach. This means fun goals like learning a new language or running a marathon in Hawaii. 

3. Watch another Christmas movie. Who says you can’t watch It’s a Wonderful Life another three or four times?

4. Treat yourself. Goodbye stress! Head to your favorite day spa or nail salon. Who doesn’t need a massage or pedicure after all that present wrapping?

5. Go for a drive. Many people still have their Christmas lights up outside, so grab a cup of hot cocoa and blast some Mannheim Steamroller while crusin’ the winter streets.

6. Volunteer. They say that the best way to be happy is to make somebody else happy. Start a scrabble match at a retirement home, or help out in a soup kitchen once a week. 

7. Plan a trip. Don’t wait for summer – make plans for a weekend getaway at the end of January or beginning of February. Look up things to do in the area and make reservations so you have something really fun to look forward to soon. (Hint:  If you’re really adventurous, try out some of your newly-learned francais in the City of Light!)


8. Clear out the clutter. Grab a pizza and a couple of friends and get chuckin’! This will give you a fresh start on the new year, a great pile of donations, and room for more clothes! You can even do a little fashion show a la Carrie Bradshaw if need be.

9. Go on a baking spree. I know, I know, you’re trying to avoid all that holiday food. Instead of scarfing it down yourself, deliver it to the homeless on a chilly night. Everybody loves a home cooked meal, and you’ll be doing a good deed, too!


10. Go Christmas shopping. (For next year) Hey, why not? Tons of stores have post-Christmas sales right now, so swoop in now and check some names off next year’s list. It will save you stress AND cash come next December. 


 So there ya go! I’m hoping to try most of these to start the year off right! Which will you choose? Do you have any of your own winter blues-buster remedies?