January seems to be quite the birthday month here at Lulus, which I happen to love because it means more cake! Since today is my own birthday, I thought I’d do a little celebrating by researching some fun birthday trivia for you. Enjoy!
Fun Facts
  • The world’s largest birthday cake was created in 1989 for the 100th Birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama. The cake weighed 128,238 pounds, 8 oz. and used 16,209 pounds of icing.


  • The most famous rendition of “Happy Birthday” is when Marilyn Monroe sang to “Happy Birthday, Mr President” to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden on 19 May 1962.


  • The least common birth date in the U.S. is May 22nd.


  • Since your last birthday you will have had about 1,460 dreams


  • In England, when you reach 80, 90 or 100 years of age, you receive a telegram from the Queen.


  • The most common birth date in the U.S. is October 5.


  • The earliest birthday parties in history were held because it was feared that evil spirits were attracted to people on their birthdays. At first it was only kings who were recognized as important enough to have a birthday celebration. To protect them from harm, friends and family would help celebrate their birthday by spending time with the birthday person, bringing them good wishes, thoughts and presents. Hats and noisemakers were used at birthday parties, with the thought that the noisemakers were also a way to scare away the evil spirits. (Info taken from this website.)


  • The White House will also send a birthday greeting to any U.S. citizen who is a newborn or 80 years or older.


I also found out I share a birthday with Neil Diamond and the discovery of gold in California. Yippee!

Fun facts taken from here:

Any other January babies out there? With whom do you share a birthday?