I love buttons.
I also love candy.
Just take one little peek at these peppermint-infused cast sugar wonders and tell me you’re not in love!
The California-based Andie’s Specialty Sweets is coming to a webpage near you with mail order sweets that go way beyond the norm. Using quality local and organic ingredients, this mom & pop based business creates specialty confections for weddings and occasions.
I first fell in love with their candy buttons that come in a variety of color combos and flavors. Cast from vintage button molds these tasty little beauties are truly an innovative edible decor.
This flower and butterfly necklace is made from sugar and totally edible. What a tempting treat for a bride or a birthday girl!
From bolds to pastels to beloved chocolate, Andie’s Specialty Sweets is one of my favorite new sweet shops, for sure.
Since we’re all located around the globe, I’d like to hear about YOUR favorite sweet shops in the comments below!