Any interior design lovers out there? Obsessed with Extreme Home Makeover? Architectural Digest subscribers? How about avid internet time wasters?
Then please allow me to introduce you to dwellinggawker, the wondrous place of all things home and design-inspired.
Dwelling Gawker is basically a compilation of blog posts, websites, and articles submitted by design and architecture bloggers from all over the world. The site is updated daily, and you can search by category, tags, and popularity.
For example, you might want to look up bunk beds,
   alcove beds,
ship-shape rooms 
or houses with a view.
Once you see a photo you like, you can click on it and be taken to the original post for the picture, where you can find tips, tricks, and other instructions for finding or creating a similar look in your own space. You can even submit photos for contribution to the gallery!
Now, I have to warn you. Once you start browsing, it’s almost impossible to stop, so make sure you carve out a few hours in your day to feed the addiction. 
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