the funniest podcasts

Is there anything worse than scanning through the radio stations trying to find something decent to jam out to during your commute? Like, probably, but it sure is annoying trying to fill the silence with the same song you heard five minutes ago or the local news headlines. If you’re in desperate need of something positive and hilarious to zone out on while you’re driving, kicking it at home, or working at your desk, keep reading for the a list of the funniest podcasts we in the Lulus office love to listen to while we’re hard at work making content for you!

Every Little Thing 

Are you curious by nature? Do you often find yourself pondering questions Google can’t always answer? Flora Lichtman (who can brag about working on Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves The World) dives deep into listener requests and provides humorous, albeit extremely researched and well-explained, answers to life’s small questions. If you’re ready to be the trivia queen of your squad, you gotta give this one a listen.

Where to start: Who Killed Cargo Shorts? — Ever wonder what cargo shorts and spiders have in common? This burning question is addressed in less than half an hour with an unexpectedly hilarious reaction from a guest to leave you with a smile on your face.

By the Book

Comedy queen Jolenta Greenberg and podcast producer Kristen Meinzer describe their podcast as “half reality show, half self-help podcast, and one wild social experiment.” The general premise is these two insightful ladies picking a self-help book, strictly adhering to its rules and teachings for two weeks, and then discussing the experience. The two have a sort of opposites attract vibe with one being genuinely interested in self-help, and the other a little more skeptical. When you aren’t clutching your sides laughing, you might just learn something!

Where to start: The Secret — The one that started it all! The debut episode covers the self-help book we all love to hate and dives deep into the idea of the “law of attraction” with plenty of jokes along the way.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

“The McElroy Brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed…” begins the introduction to this self-proclaimed “advice show for the modern era.” MBMBaM (for short) consists of three brothers with razor-sharp wit and thirty years of inside jokes who pour over listener-submitted worries and woes and offer up creative advice and solutions. While they’re definitely not going to be nominated for any prizes in problem-solving, they do find a way to pull jokes out of mundane situations with their uniquely goofy sense of humor.

Where to start: MBMBaM 369: Bro’s Better, Bro’s Best — A convenient compilation of all their best bits (or goofs, as they call them) for new listeners to get a sense of the show.

The Dollop

If you’re looking for a dose of knowledge with your laughs, this comedy-history podcast features a stand-up duo explaining and reacting to the wild and wacky side of history. Even though it’s chock-full of well-researched historical events, we promise it’s nothing like that history class you snoozed through in high school. The two hosts both have comedy backgrounds and excel at improvising throughout the narrative and bringing the stories to life!

Where to start: Cassius Clay — Without revealing any of the scintillating details, this episode is a deep insight into our 16th president full of facts you won’t find on the back of a penny.

2 Dope Queens

If you’re a comedy fan, this one is a must! Each episode features a different guest comedian along with the two hilarious hosts discussing issues such as race, gender, and other less serious topics. Serious fans have the option to see the live taping at Union Hall in Brooklyn, but we promise the recorded version is just as good. If you’re looking to keep up with pop culture and social issues while laughing til you cry, give this one a listen!

Where to start: #47 Vanessa Bayer at Beyonce’s Baby Shower — Hello?! SNL and Beyonce? What else could you ask for, really?

Unhappy Hour

Love to gripe and moan? Love to hear people smack-talking the things they love to hate? You gotta check this one out. Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai combines everyone’s favorite complaints–from political to personal–with booze for a hilarious groan-fest. Be warned, though; this one may have you in stitches in public. It’s not rare for listeners to get a literal LOL from Matt and his special guests and they complain about their day to day dramas.

Where to start: Strawberry MilkSHAKIN MY HEAD (with Mara Wilson) — Yes, the actress who played Matilda. She’s just one of the many hilarious hosts that join Matt to let it all out in the most hilarious way.

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

We can’t be the only ones who are borderline obsessed with Bravo. Call it a guilty pleasure if you have to, but there’s just something about the Real Housewives drama we can’t get enough of, and neither can the brilliant ladies behind this laugh out loud recap podcast. Something about Casey, Danielle, and their always entertaining guests makes this feel less like a listening to a podcast and more like a wine night with your besties.

Where to start:  Next week’s episode, obviously! Catch up on your Real Housewives, get yourself a bottle of Whispering Angel, and keep a roll of paper towels close by for when the tea is spilled!

Got anything else to add? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know below in the comments what you think is the funniest podcast and we’ll give it a listen!