Guess what? Google plus now on Lulus blogs and product pages. 
 You maybe asking so what? Who cares? But that little plus sign in the top left corner will be popping up more than you think. And soon you will be asking, what is it?
 It’s part of the Google Plus Project, which is Google’s new entry into the world of social media. The Google+ button allows you to alert your friends on the things you have liked, which they will be able to see in their own search results while signed into their Google accounts and searching on Google. It’s a way a saying “I was there and I this is what I like.”
 As more of your friends click on the Google plus button you will see more memos in Google search results in listing the names of your friends and what they like.  Not sure if you have seen any of your friends while searching Google yet? Check out the video below for an explanation on how the Google + button works.
 The Google Plus Button is only part of a far more ambitious project that will someday soon compete with Facebook. You probably already have friends who are on it, but you don’t have to wait to be invited to use the Google Plus Button. As long as you are logged into your Google account just click on the +1. If Google does not have your name, they will give you the option to enter it and voilà, your name in the search results. So start leaving your digital marks! Your friends will know you were there, and it’s more ecological than carving your initials into a tree.