So now that Thanksgiving is over (hope you all got lots of turkey and stuffing!), we’re allowed to bust out the ornaments, cheery music, and other holiday decor.This also means that it’s time to start our favorite holiday traditions! Everybody I’ve talked to has different things they do ever year, from nachos and hot cocoa to lighting the Menorah to ice skating by the beach.
One thing my family does every year is go tree chopping the weekend after Thanksgiving. Usually we take the family van and a huge pot of taco soup, but unfortunately the van was in the shop last week.
Our alternative? 
Check it out!

My cute lil VW Bug (aka “Ruby”) was the only car in the fam that had roof racks, so off we went! We got the craziest looks as we were driving home!!

My very first tree of my own!

All decorated!
So ladies, there is one of my favorite outings. What are your holiday traditions? Anything spectacular that I need to add to my to-do list this year?