‘Tis the season of abundant gardens and Farmer’s Markets full of delicious fresh produce! In my household, when the cucmbers hit, it’s time to start a’ pickling. This year I’ve planted a special variety called Parisian Picklers, along with a few lemon cucs. We put away a lot of dills for the rest of the year, but for a special treat, I’ll make a jar of fresh pickles to be nibbled on at will. Unprocessed pickles will last in the fridge for a few weeks, but they are often snatched up before that day ever comes!
 You can easily make your own at home, and relish the flavors as they change and meld over a number of days!
All you need:
Glass canning jar or plastic tupperware (something that seals up well)
Fresh young cucumbers or lemon cucumbers (1/2 lb.)
Rice Vinegar
Directions: Thinly slice your cucumbers.
In your jar, add a few tablespoons vinegar, and a little less water, a half spoonful of salt, and an equal amount of sugar.
Stir until salt and sugar dissolve.
Add your cucs, seal and shake the jar until everything is coated.
Put them in the fridge and taste them the next day. Season to taste.
Continue shaking the jar every couple of days. Voila!

Variations: Do what YOU like!

Try adding fresh herbs, garlic, onion, less salt for a low sodium pickle, lemon juice, or alternative sweeteners.  

Let me know how you do!