To do a little something different this week I thought it would be fun to touch on a few interior design ideas for all of those wanting to give their homes a needed face lift. A personal favorite of mine is a vintage, ultra-girly style that has made me want to immediately buy a house so I can start decorating. I used designer Rachel Ashwell as inspiration for this look with her Shabby Chic® line, a take on the popular Shabby Chic movement.
Shabby Chic® was founded in 1989 after Ashwell had her first child and wanted to create something that reflected the comforts of life. “I needed a versatile home that could handle children and a busy lifestyle,” Rachel says. “The answer came to me in the form of slipcovers. They could be easily washed and gave a warm, open feel to the rooms.” Ashwell was always obsessed with floral prints and wanted to reflect this in her new line of merchandise. Being a vintage floral fanatic myself, I am utterly obsessed with this line. 
Shabby Chic® products are a little on the pricey side, so Ashwell teamed up with Target and created a more affordable line for all to enjoy. 

Here are some tips on how to adorn your home to get this comfortable look! 
1. Give your end and coffee tables an antique finish. This can be done by painting your tables all white or cream and take sand paper to roughen up the edges. Your tables could look something like this:
2. Put some flowers in a vase. Flowers always brighten up an environment and just seem to make everything better. 
3. Invest in some picture frames and candles. Both of these make a room warmer and more inviting, creating a laid-back comfortable scene. For candles, try a soothing vanilla-cinnamon scent.
4. Throw pillows. These are amazing because they add character to a solid-colored couch and give it a little zing. I suggest a neutral-toned couch with a floral throw pillow with lace detail.
5. Mirrors. These always make a room appear to be larger and look lovely on walls.
6. Cute storage boxes. These wisk away clutter into something adorable! Try decoupaging hat or photo boxes to make them look cuter!
7. Be mismatched! The ultimate key to being shabby chic is to have a variety of pieces in your room. This makes it so that your room is anything but boring!
What do you think of this precious style for your home?

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