Looking for a way to completely change the look of a room in your house without having to buy much or move anything around? I have been re-doing my house and looking into interior design ideas for quite some time now and I just had to share this one with all of you. In just about every interior design magazine I picked up they showed wallpapered ceilings and I fell in love with them! I am most definitely going to try this new treat because wallpapered ceilings have the potential of creating a dramatic effect in any room, and they also create quite the visual impact. Plus, it is a great way to cover up defects and uneven ceilings. 
Keep in mind that when you try this out, the wallpaper you choose will change the feel of the room. I would recommend taking a square of the paper of your choice and tape it up on the ceiling. Keep it there for a week and make sure it is not only the perfect look, but also the perfect feel!
It is very important to note that dark colors and heavy patterns will make a room appear smaller. Light, subdued colors and patterns can make a room appear larger and more defined.
For all of those brave souls out there, you can even put wallpaper from the ceiling to the ground!
You can pick a fun pattern to add a little something different to your room, or you can choose a bold color to make a statement. This is a perfect excuse to be creative and have fun doing something around the house! 
What do you all think of this fun interior decorating technique?