The weekend is almost here, and that means it’s almost time for Halloween parties, costume celebrations, and monster bashes! While many of the girls here at Lulus have been carefully planning their costumes over the past few weeks, there are others of us . . . *cough* . . . who put planning to the last minute and then end up frantically digging through our closets in hope of some miraculously awesome costume.

Sound familiar?
Well, despair no longer. I am here to offer you some quick, last minute Halloween costumes that are easy to put together and might even get a few laughs:
Shot in the Dark: Dress all in black and tie a shot glass around your neck. 
Black Mail: Wear all black and put a postage stamp (a big photocopied one or a few real ones) on your chest. 
Seven Seas: Draw the letter C seven times all over your face and arms (use safe ink!).
Quarter Pounder:  Carry a quarter and a hammer. 
Deviled Egg: Wear all white and attach or paint a yellow circle to your stomach. Add horns and a grab a pitchfork.
Refrigerator Magnet:  Paint a shoebox black and attach it to your back. 
Runaway Bride:  White dress and sneakers. A veil is a nice touch, too.

Joan Crawford:  Smear lipstick outside your natural lipline and add a bow and some bling.
Bucaneer:  Attach a dollar to each ear: Buck-an-ear.
Aircraft Carrier:  Carry a toy airplane.
Quarterback:  Tape a quarter or an enlarged copy of one to your back. 
Facebook Page:  Use a piece of cardboard to create a profile page. Cut a hole out where your face should go and then fill out all of the relevant information with a set of colorful sharpies. Make sure to include your interests, phone number, favorite drink, etc. just in case anyone is curious.
Clue Cast: Have each of your friends dress in a single color and go as Miss. Scarlet, Cornell Mustard, Professor Plum, and the rest of the gang.
Bat:  Cut up a cheap black umbrella from the dollar store and attach to a black hoodie. Insta-bat.

If you want even more ideas, head over to and check out their awesome list of Last Minute Quick Costume Ideas. You can also check out College Candy‘s Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Don’t Look Last Minute.
 (Pics courtesy of:, Lauren Conrad’s and Ideas courtesy of above-listed sites.)