It’s week two of Laurie’s Loves, and boy have I got some cute stuff lined up!
The holidays are almost here (how is Thanksgiving already next week?!), and the fancy pantsy parties are starting to show up on the calendar. Sooo, I decided it would be a good week to showcase a couple of cool items for your next big soirée!
Let’s start with the gorgeous Violet Twilight Purple Dress.

I love purple because it’s such a glamorous color without being too girly-girly. And really, the combination of the lilac bodice and dark purple skirt is such a killer duet. Plus, this dress is great for ladies of all body types — it adds curves, hides your non-favorite bits, and adds va-va voom all around! 
Since it’s cold outside, you’re gonna want to wrap up on your way from the car to the party. My suggestion? Try on the adorable Last Time I Saw Paris Black Jacket! The dress cut of this coat is so fabulously feminine and totally unique, and at the same time it still maintainis the timeless (vegan) leather look. Looove this jacket! Grab one – they’ll go fast!

And now…accessories!
How about a silver bangle? and some sparkly earrings?

Finally, throw on a cute pair of shoes and grab your bag as you dash out the door!

What do you guys think? Will you be trying any of these looks for your next party? And speaking of parties, what’s the best party you’ll be going to this season?