Hey girls, check it out! I’m going to be starting a new weekly blog where I choose out my favorite pieces and share them with you! My list of things I love keeps growing, so it’s going to be hard not to put them all in one post! 
So (drum roll please), here is this first pic for Laurie’s Loves!

When I first saw this tunic on the hanger, I immediately grabbed it up. I love everything about this top!  The romantic, Victorian pattern of the roses totally appeals to my girly side, and the sweater is RIDICULOUSLY soft. Seriously, you’ll want to wear it everywhere. Plus, it’s just the perfect length for throwing on over leggings when you feel like being comfy without trying. 
Soo…in my perfect Lulus wardrobe, what would I wear with this?
First, boots! These cute Soda Dalee Taupe Ruched Vegan Leather Cone Heel Boots go perfectly with the earthy tones of the tunic.
I love the ruffles on the edges the Cocoa Kiss Brown Jacket — I feel like they go just perfectly with the floral motif.
Finally, accessories!
Every girl needs a little pink and a little bling in her life, so the obvious choice is the Crown Jewels Pink Earrings! Truth be told, I will probably wear these earrings with every outfit this week! 
And finally, a cozy scarf! It’s amazing how much a simple scarf will warm you up! I was wearing the Tulle They Call Me Mellow Mallow Cream Scarf  around Lulus.com the other day and I did NOT want to take it off! So cute!
So there’s my outfit for the week! What do you think? Any styling suggestions for me?
Check back again next Thursday for another pick!