Hello! I’m Ashley, the founder and crafter behind Sugar & Cloth. I’m so excited to team up with Lulus to get to share a few home DIY projects with you in a new series: Fresh Spaces. This week we’re bringing the perfect touch of gold to items around the house.

sugarandcloth_upcycledplanters-finished2aPeople often ask me how I come up with projects to create, but sometimes a DIY is only an arm’s length away and can be practically free if you reconsider some items you may already have floating around the house. For instance, instead of stowing away old planters for the winter or storing cakestands in the pantry when they’re not in use, you can create DIY upcycled containers with just a little paint or gold leafing, and give them a totally new purpose!

sugarandcloth_upcycledplanters-finished3a sugarandcloth_upcycledplanters-finished4a

Cakestands can become a clever way to show off cute kitchen utensils or bar tools and planters can house books for display, coats and gloves by the entry way, and even store all of your scarves in one place (in case you’re like me and have a tendency for them to be in every corner of your closet)! Don’t be intimidated by the materials list; you can do all or just a few of these projects to cater to your style, or even just use a plain container as is!


  • Craft paint
  • Spray paint
  • Gold leafing pen
  • Painter’s tape
  • Foam brush
  • Clean planter, bucket, or cakestand (the possibilties are pretty much endless!)

sugarandcloth_upcycledplanters-step1a sugarandcloth_upcycledplanters-step2a sugarandcloth_upcycledplanters-step3a

To create the polka dot vase: Simply use a gold leaf pen just like you would a sharpie or marker, and draw on mini dots randomly. They don’t have to be perfect! Let the liquid gold dry and then fill with your favorite flower

To create the pink scalloped winter apparel container: Sit a planter upside down and use a thick craft paint (I love the Deco Art brand) and a foam paint brush to paint half moon shapes along the bottom of the entire container. Let it dry, and then use it to organize scarves, gloves, or even shoes by the front door.

To create the color block bucket: Place painter’s tape around the entire bucket about a quarter of the way up, and then either paint or carefully spray paint towards the bottom. Peel the tape away, let dry, and fill with pillows and blankets for a cute way to organize your living room essentials.

Photos and tutorial by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth