Calling all word lovers!
I have just found the ultimate book nerd magnet (literally!) online, and I’m just a little bit obsessed.
You know those little magnet words we all have pasted, in often colorful and creative phrases, all over our fridges?
Well, this amazing creation is now available online! 
Check it out here!
First, click on the pack you want. You can choose from artist, genius, office, poet, or romance
Once you choose which theme you want, you get a blank screen with a pile of words on the side. Choose from all words, or narrow down by chunks of alphabet from the drop-down bar. Simply drag the words you want onto the screen and begin creating!
When you’re happy with your poem, submit it to the online directory. You can also read all the poems other people have written.
I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a pretty fabulous way to spend your break at work or waiting in the airport for a delayed plane. Plus, it mixes brain power with fun. You never know what masterpiece you might create!
Here are two of my favorite poems from the collection:
by: Alia (Lebanon)
Created: 12/29/2010
“Follow Your Heart”
by: Holly (PA, USA)
Created: 12/2/2010
 All right, poets — will you give this a try?
Post some of your poems below!