Everyone knows that tomatoes are really the best in summertime, so what to do the rest of the year when the rain is pouring and you’re craving a tangy tomato?
Well have I got the answer for you! Dry your own tomatoes easily and inexpensively at home, or even on your apartment balcony!

I use a homemade screened box that allows circulation around the drying fruit. Try making your own or just use a cookie sheet!

Plum or Roma style tomatoes work the best but feel free to experiment!

Here is what you need:
1. Hot and dry weather
2. Screened box, food safe platter or cookie sheet
3. Roma style tomatoes
4. Knife and cutting board

Slice the tomatoes lengthwise being careful not to cut all the way through the skin. Slice larger tomatoes into quarters and smaller ones in half as shown.

Lay them on your drying surface under plenty of sun for 1-2 weeks, until they are fully dry with no more squishy parts!

Tip: After drying, I freeze the tomatoes for 2 weeks. (This keeps anything from growing on them). Store the finished tomatoes in a sealed jar.

Using Your Dried Tomatoes: Pour boiling water over your tomatoes and let sit for 10 minutes. Use them in green salads, appetizers, chicken salad sandwiches and more!

See tomatoes before (right) and after!
Do you have any favorite ways to use sundried tomatoes?