Well, they’ve done it.
They’ve officially turned one of my favorite books of all time into a movie.
“On the Road” by the infamous beat author and poet, Jack Kerouac, has been engaging readers for more than fifty years with its poetic and honest accounts of life in America in the late 1940’s.
The tale of Sal Paradise (Kerouac) and his mischievous buddy Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady in real life) is a quintessential piece of 20th century literature. I’ve personally listened to the audio version read by Matt Dillon at least ten times through, and there is no better companion if you are actually road-tripping.
So, a movie, huh? How often have you packed off to the theater to go see your favorite novel-made-film only to find that it failed you?  (They left out half of the writing, the characters were lame, they changed the ending!!) I have to say, I’m a bit concerned.
The one thing that has eased my mind a bit is the casting of new-on-the-scene heartthrob, Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy, Country Strong). Okay, he’s cute, but that deep manly voice of his is rather pleasing to listen to, and I have a hunch that his husky voice performing Neal Cassady’s long rambling monologues may be just what this film needs to conjure up the magic of the original writing.

Other stars include Kristen Stewart as Mary Lou, Sam Riley as Sal Paradise, Kirsten Dunst as Camille, Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee, Amy Adams as Jane, and the list goes on.
Here’s a clip of Garrett Hedlund talking about the film and about working with Kristen Stewart. Enjoy the eye candy! 

Do you think the film can live up to the book?
What books-turned-movies have you loved or hated?