Here at Lulus we are often “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over some adorable animal, whether it be the CEO’s new puppy, Luna, or an array of kittens and puppies doing adorable things in somebody’s inbox. 
The site that really takes the cake (or kitten) is In a cute and cuddly collaboration with zoos across the globe, they give us the freshest scoop on the newest of the newborns.
DISCLAIMER: You may become addicted to this site!
Here’s the news today:
Ariel the Dolphin and her new baby calf playing at Orlando Sea World!
A curious Capybara pup.
Baby Koala.
Not just your ordinary kitten, this is a rare Sand Kitten born in Israel.
An extremely rare sub-species of Red Panda.
From baby tigers, horses, giraffes and yes, elephants this site could take you away from your ordinary routine. 
What a great way to break up the day!