The end of summer is sneaking up on us (sad face!) so it’s important to fill these remaining weeks with good times and unforgettable experiences. The same old G.N.O. can get a bit tiresome and sometimes you just want to swap your stilettos for slippers, and we don’t blame you! Instead of hitting the club, why not grab your besties and hit the couch? That’s right, we’re talking a classic, girl’s night sleepover. Keep reading for our favorite slumber party ideas for adults!

What to do:

Spa Day – Grab an assortment of sheet masks (we personally love TONYMOLY masks and their adorable packaging!) and fan them out for your besties to pick from or D.I.Y. your own facemask for a relaxing night in. If you want to go all out, defuse some essential oils for a little aromatherapy and talk your friends into painting each other’s nails. What else are friends for if not for helping you paint your dominant hand?

Binge-Watch – Gather your girls and devote the evening to the newest episode of whatever TV show your squad is obsessing over ATM and avoid the awkward “did you see the latest episode?!” chat next time you hang out. When you’re all watching, there’s no fear of spoiling the plot twist since you’ll all be experiencing it together. If you’re all caught up on your TV, veg out with an old favorite! The movies we loved 10+ years ago are even better the second, third, or twentieth time around, trust us.

#TBT –  Bond with your besties the old-fashioned way! Bring back your favorite elementary school games and hilarity is sure to ensue! Predict your future with M.A.S.H. or a cootie catcher, imagine a life of glamour for yourself (and please stage a photoshoot) by playing dress-up, or bust out the Twister. These old favorites are even more fun after a glass of wine and are sure to stir up a little nostalgia!

What to eat:

Charcuterie Chic  – Let’s be real: the best part of every party is parking yourself next to the grown-up version of cheese and crackers and indulging your heart out. Charcuterie boards are infinitely customizable and super Instagram-able, so they’re basically the perfect snack. The best part? We wrote a post about assembling a charcuterie board to make your planning a breeze!

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It – You had to know this was coming. Tacos and summer go together like, well, tacos and tequila. You can let your besties assemble their own tacos, so all you have to do is prep the fillings. The topping options are pretty much endless so you can set out anything you like on a taco, but this guide from Food Network offers up all the taco basics you need!

Pizza Party – There’s no shame in just ordering delivery! Pizzas have been feeding slumber parties for decades, so why not invite everyone’s favorite cheesy treat to the party? Plus, think about all the Boomerang opportunities a good cheese-pull offers!

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What to drink

Wine Not  – Girl’s night in basically means it’s wine time. Request all of your BFFs bring their favorite bottle and pour up a tasting flight for everyone to join! Try to figure out which wine pairs the best with your snacks or test your hand at being a sommelier and see if you can guess the notes in each pour. Lulus tip: If you’re balling on a budget, check out this guide for selecting a quality cheap wine!

Cocktail Hour – Play mixologist for the evening and craft a simple-yet-tasty cocktail your besties will love! We’re still adoring the highly underrated Kir Royale. It’s delicious, boozy, super easy to throw together, and a great excuse to take advantage of berry season! If blackberries aren’t your thing, you can always scour Pinterest or check our cocktail archives for a tasty drink to serve up!

Cool Down – Okay, so you don’t necessarily drink these, but they have booze in them, so they count as a cocktail in our books! Delicious, adorable spiked watermelon popsicles are everything we love about summer and are the best way (in our humble opinions) to say goodbye to watermelon season. You can really mix up a batch of popsicles with any fruit you want, but watermelons have the advantage of a super cute drip tray built right in!

The next day:

Breakfast – Chances are you stayed up until the wee hours having the time of your life, so don’t stress on the breakfast. We’re sure your guests will appreciate a big order of donuts just as much as a homecooked breakfast. Head to your local nook and grab a dozen or two for a quick and easy way to start the morning! Alternatively, round everyone up and head to your favorite brunch joint to keep the good times rolling! Did someone say bottomless champagne?

Coffee – Two words: Coffee catering. Chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts offer a bulk brewed coffee to-go service, but you can also check a handy catering map to find a local café near you that offers the same service! When it comes to our morning elixir, it’s best to let everyone self-serve so their joe is just to their liking. Don’t forget cream and sugar!

In Review  – The morning after is the perfect time to pour over all the snaps from the night before! There’s not much time to pick the right filter while you’re actively having a blast, so spend your breakfast hours deciding which picture to blast all over your feeds. Make sure to thank your friends for spending the night with you and get excited for the next time you all get together. Winter break slumber party, anyone?

Tell us how you plan on spending these remaining summer nights in the comments below, or show us by tagging #lovelulus on Instagram!