I have been a fan of Claire Danes since she arrived on the scene in the short-lived television series “My So Called Life” back in. . . (well maybe we don’t need to go back that far.)
So when I saw her grinning face on the cover of a movie poster, wearing a curly wig and a western shirt, I knew I had to see this movie. Temple Grandin? I had no idea what, when, or who, all I know is that (generally speaking) where Claire goes, I follow. 

 How do you begin to describe such a quirky and heartfelt film?
If I were Temple, I might describe it in a series of pictures; flashing images that recollect the intriguing story of a very special autistic girl who grew up to become not only a doctor in animal behavior, but a bridge between parents and their autistic children.
Set in the 1960’s, Danes portrays the wild-haired animal lover with a bright golden Arizona backdrop behind, and a seemingly endless array of social obstacles in the midst. With a love for science and inventing, the young Grandin rises to a become a uniquely humane designer in the cattle industry.

The real Temple Grandin!