lulus outlet - shop for lulus clothing in real life in the outlet in downtown chico

Can’t get enough Lulus? You can now shop your favorite Lulus looks IRL at The Outlet, a new store in downtown Chico, CA. The Outlet is the only place you can shop near-perfect Lulus styles in person at amazing prices. Seriously, everything is $20 or less – some items are only $5! – and the same incredible Lulus exclusives and brand-name pieces you love are there, including casual separates, formal dresses, shoes, accessories, and more! Everything is organized by size and item type in shopping bins, so be prepared to rummage to find your perfect treasure – you never know what chic styles you’ll discover. New inventory is added on a regular basis, so you always have the chance to find something new and exciting from Lulus at The Outlet.

Want to make the most of your visit? Read on for our three best tips for bargain shopping. Not close enough to stop by The Outlet for yourself? You can still use our tips to find your own treasures at your local outlets, but we promise the deals you’ll find in Chico are worth the trip!

Shop outside your usual size and come prepared to try stuff on

Often in discount stores, the item you are looking at is in perfect condition, but it had been labeled the wrong size by the manufacturer and that’s how it ended up in the outlet instead of at the regular retailer. So even if you always wear a certain size, take a look in the racks or bins in the sizes up and down from your regular fit to see if a mislabeled hidden gem is lurking. Something might say it’s a size extra-small or extra-large, but it actually fits like a true medium. Hold items you love up against your body for a quick reference, and take several trips to the dressing room to try on your finds. Make it easy on yourself by wearing clothes that are easy to take on and off like a loose dress or a t-shirt and joggers, or even opt for very thin leggings and a cami for a skin tight base you can try your outlet finds on over the top of for a general idea of how well they’ll fit.

Get in the mood to dig

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is search through piles of items without a guarantee you’ll find what you have in mind. To help your mindset, open up your expectations that you might find something you never even thought you’d like when you visit a discount store. Often, the best bargains are on the items you are least expecting, which makes the thrill of the hunt even more exciting! If you want to shop but still aren’t in the mood to dig, bring a fun friend who is looking for a shopping adventure with you to perk you up. Make a day of your outing by stopping for lunch or cocktails in downtown Chico to celebrate your shopping scores. Plus, when you shop a store like The Outlet that’s just as chic as any boutique, you won’t even feel like you’re having to work to find something fabulous!

Know which imperfections are worth it

Some items in outlet stores are there for cosmetic imperfections and it is important to know which ones are worth the hassle to purchase and fix, and which items are better left on the rack. Things like missing buttons, broken straps, seam rips, and small stains are totally worth the time investment to mend on your own. Additionally, some things may fit just slightly off, but are worth a trip to the tailor to get an item you love at a fraction of the original price. Things to skip on your discount shopping trip? Large rips in the fabric – not on the seams – and very obvious set-in stains. Unless you have some professional-grade mending and cleaning tips (please leave them in the comments below!), you aren’t guaranteed to get your money’s worth on these items. Luckily, everything at The Outlet should be in good enough shape that you won’t have to work too hard to get a perfect piece for your closet!

Will you be making the trip to Chico to visit The Outlet? We hope you do! Share your discount shopping tips in the comments below and be sure to share your Lulus finds on Instagram @lulus with #lovelulus!