I sit, swiping the last remnants from this tiny cup, with my right hand; typing with my left. 
It wasn’t long ago that I met the richer and more petite cousin to my long time friend, hot chocolate. It was at a wonderful bistro in Sacramento called Moxie, where my sister and I had just finished a beautifully filling meal. Always a sucker for dessert (and to try something new and exotic) I carefully chose the Sipping Chocolate!
With the same Mayan origins as hot chocolate, sipping chocolate arrives as a denser and more chocolaty delight. Thicker, and served in much smaller portions, this warm drink serves as a wonderful alternative dessert.
At my last trip to Trader Joe’s, I picked up their version of this “food of the gods”, and am pleased with the results.
For a delicious and lightweight dessert try adding a touch of vanilla or cinnamon! Yum!

 (Ceramic cup by artist, Ari Grie)