I love books, cooking . . . and vintage cookbooks.
In a romantic sentiment, the first thing I bought after I got engaged was an antique cookbook called “Cooking For Two” by Janet McKenzie Hill.
The sheer charm of this faded green hardback (originally published in 1909) is all I need to want to carry it around as an accessory a la’ Lady Gaga and her pointy star thing.
Besides being a hilarious take on early twentieth century cookery, this book has a few gems that still shine through today. Yes, you will learn how to pick out quality meat at the market and what cocktail to serve darling Jim when he gets home from the office, but it doesn’t stop there. You will learn how to cook from packaged mixes and antiquated recipes like Squash Pie or Fluffy Codfish Cakes seem to pop to the surface with new appeal.
Some recipes like Sweet Potato Puffs sound irresistibly delicious, and the realistically portioned brownie recipe below is a quick and easy favorite!!
Save and Print this Recipe Card for the recipe of the century!

Do you have any retro cookbooks that you love?