Lulus is happy to indroduce one of its lovely vintage models, Chelsea Turnbo.
Hailing from the sunny city of Los Angeles, Chelsea kindly dished about her experiences as a model!

1. Tell us a little about your modeling career path?

I was first discovered by Elite modeling agency in New York. They wanted to sign me but couldn’t because I was too young and lived in Arkansas at the time. So they had me transferred to Atlanta Elite modeling agency where I started spending my summers modeling at the age of 13. My grandparents lived in Atlanta, so it made it easy for me to work out there.
When I turned 16, I graduated high school and went overseas to Asia where I did runway shows for many brands including Calvin Klein. I did a lot of print ads, and at one point, I was in pretty much every magazine on the stands. I continued to grace magazine covers, dabbled in some lingerie campaigns and continued to grow my portfolio. When I was confident with my portfolio and where my career was going, I moved to Europe. I loved Europe, and I had so much fun there. After a while though, I began to miss the States and decided to move out to Los Angeles and have been living here since. 
2. What is life like as a model living in L.A? 
It’s totally different. It’s more commercials instead of high fashion. It’s a lot of fun though. 
3. What is the best part of being a model?
The traveling!!!
4. What do your daily activities consist of?
For the most part it’s mainly working out and going to castings.

(photos above curtesy of Fashion Model Directory)
5. What do you do for fun in L.A?
I go out sometimes like every normal 21 year old. I love shopping in L.A. It has everything! I also love going to the movies, Runyon Park and the beach.
6. Do you have a lot of free time or are you pretty busy?
I stay pretty busy, but every now and then I have some down time.
7. Do you have any favorite photographers?
Honestly, right now I would say Richard Bernardin. I love his vintage photos! He is able to find a certain type of beauty in every person he shoots.
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