Happy Monday lovely Lulus readers!

Today I am so excited to present you with the incredible yoga photographs of my talented friend, Tria Andrews.

Photo by Kristine T Pham

 Here’s a little bio on this amazing lady:

Tria is a yoga teacher and graduate student who lives in Berkeley,
California. She was introduced to yoga, massage, and the martial arts
when she was a child by her mother, a yoga teacher, and her father, the
founder of her family system of martial arts and a massage school.
Tria approaches teaching and practicing yoga with a sense of curiosity,
freedom, and joy.

Photo by Kira Grinberg
Her interest and appreciation for fashion, she says, was cultivated at a young age by her chic grandmothers, who often designed and sewed their own clothing. 

Photo by Kristine T Pham
Her fashion tip?

“Fashion can be an expression of beauty and style, but also a
reminder one should never take herself too seriously.”

Any yoga fans out there? How does yoga inspire you?