Hey everyone! It’s Jen again from Jenloveskev. Here we are with the 2nd installment of our Art Inspired Fashion posts. This month I decided to choose a famous French painter because I am going to Paris next month for a week!! I am so excited. One of my favorite painters is Henri Matisse. He used such beautiful bold colors, and every painting is a joy to look at. That is why I chose this Seville Still Life painting; it is so full of life with all the contrasting patterns. 
 I didn’t want to be so literal with my interpretation, but I did look around for a fancy couch in a red room to take pictures. I guess we are in short supply of those in my neck of the woods. Haha!
  Anyway, when I saw this dress I knew it would be perfect. Not only for this painting but for summer as well. I love the floral print and the colors that are used, not to mention how cute the collar is. Isn’t it adorable?
 I swear the color of this dress is the same color of the background of the painting. I see lots of remixing in our future together!!  
Outfit Details:
 Seville Still Life by Henri Matisse 
Hermitage, Saint Petersburg


Any other Matisse fans out there?