Hey Y’all!!! Brandi and Kelly here, from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno! Summer time is here and for us, it is the absolute ultimate! When we are not at work you are guaranteed to find us at the beach, lake, or pool out of necessity to survive the heat. We are from Houston, so not only is it HOT, but is it super humid. Our Summer uniform are our bathing suits and anything cute we can throw over them. Kelly is a summer baby, so for her birthday weekend we decided to head to the beach, do some skating, watch the sunset, and end it with a bonfire. We knew we would be in our suits all day so we selected items to throw over that were breezy and cool. We never just lay around at the beach, we’re pretty active so we picked these super cute one pieces so we didn’t have to worry about flashing anyone while we surfed and paddle boarded. I just love the cut and the patterns and the back kind of leads you to believe they are bikinis. They are a good combination of sexy, cute, and practical.
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Brandi: The outfit I picked to throw on over my suit when I was ready to skate was perfect, the parrot shirt was super breezy and let a lot of wind in to cool me off, I can definitely see myself pairing this with a long maxi skirt or skinny jeans throughout the summer for a flirty look. It’s a perfect date shirt and the shorts are just so much fun. I will probably be wearing these shorts everyday. At night when it gets a little chilly I always like to have a button down to throw over my shoulders and I knew this embroidered shirt would be just what I needed. This racer back dress is perfect when getting out of the pool to grab lunch, who wants to try and put on anything else when your wet?
Kelly: I love the Lulus selection of suits and sunnies, so settling on one was tough. I ended up picking this printed suit and retro sunnies because it would make a statement whether I was wearing it solo or with whatever I paired it with. Everything after the suit + sunnies was easy. Highwaist cheeky cut offs, are an essential for long day/nights at the beach to throw on over your suit, on the beach or for running around the strand. Knowing that we would be going out to eat and I get pretty chilly in the AC after spending a day in the sun I knew I would need a light jacket of sorts and something good to cover my feet, and a little something extra to wear on my head to sort of ‘dress me up’. I knew a graphic tank, denim jacket, boots and a flower headband would be perfect for the walking the stand, pier and exploring the bay around sunset. I know boots may sound nuts during the summer, but 95% of the time you will find me either barefoot or wearing boots. Brandi thinks my love of boots is some kind of sickness, but I just don’t love any other shoe. Boots in the summer, boots in the winter… We ended our evening with friends around a small bonfire and knowing that there would most likely be dancing, I wanted something loose and flowy, so when I spotted this soft, loos fringe shirt, I knew it would be the perfect change up for the night. I kept on the same short and boots and just changed tops for a different end of the night vibe. 
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