Here at Lulus, we have customers of all shapes and sizes, and we always welcome questions from our lovely ladies in regards to fit and measurements. We are always looking for ways to help our customers with clothing questions, and this week we have the help of someone very special! Kyla, who has the awesome blog Blue Collar Catwalk, has been so kind as to model some of our pieces and describe the fit for her particular body shape. With a pear shape, Kyla often has questions in regard to how things will fit her specific body type. This three part series will help all of our Lulus girls with similar body types navigate our selection and pick things that will be best for them!


Items featured:


Join us again on Wednesday for part two of the series! Thanks so much to Kyla for partnering up with us! Make sure to head on over to her blog to say “Hello!”
What do you like to wear to compliment your shape?