Inspired by the Lucca Couture Feeling Fine Ivory Print Dress, this trendy black and white mani is ultra-versatile and goes with just about any outfit. Try it with different hues for a bright pop of color.

The Look:

What you’ll need:

– Your favorite black and white nail polish
– Striping Tape
– Detail nail art brush

Before you begin, cut segments of your striping tape into 1/2 inch segments. Stick them to the lid of a nail polish you’re not using or the edge of a table for easy access.


Step 1 – Base Color

Paint your nails with the white polish you’ve chosen. Wait until your nails are completely dry before you begin taping. I like to use a fast dry top coat to help speed things up.


Step 2 – Taping

Place two segments of tape near the tip of your nail, leaving a slight gap between them. Add another strip of tape near your cuticle. When we remove this tape later it will create the empty white space between the black shapes.


 Step 3 РTriangles 

Using your black polish and detail brush, paint tiny triangles along the edge of the tape near the tip of your nail.


Step 4 – Arrows

Add arrows between the middle and top piece of tape. Keep them going the same direction on all your nails, or change direction on each nail to add some extra interest.


Step 5 – Lines

Finally, paint thick vertical lines above the tape near your cuticle. Match the lines up with the edge of the arrows your created in Step 4. Carefully remove the striping tape to reveal the final look.

Wait several minutes before adding a top coat to avoid smearing your polish. And that’s it! You’ll have a funky and fun look that will keep you staring.

xoxo, Lindsey @ Wondrously Polished