Chevron and mint are everywhere this spring and I love creating a mani that matches my outfits. This is a great nail DIY to try with any bright colors that you love. I was inspired by the Line by Line dress and chose mint and black for this version.
Here’s the look we’ll be creating:

Before you begin any nail art, make sure you have the necessary supplies and tools on hand. For this look, you’ll need the following:

– 3 different colored polishes (white, black and mint for this look)
– Striping Tape

Helpful Items:
– Fast Dry top coat
– Detail brush
– Tweezers
-Angled brush for cleanup
– Dish for acetone (to clean your brushes)

Begin by painting your nails a solid base color. I chose OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Wait for the polish to dry completely. **Important** If your nails are not completely dry, the tape will pull up your polish and you will have to start over! Go have dinner or catch up on a TV show before you begin your taping to ensure your polish is completely dry.

Next, cut short segments of your striping tape. Stick them to the edge of your workspace for easy access. Using tweezers or your fingers, create a ‘V’ at the end and middle of your nail with the striping tape. Repeat this process over your entire nail, stopping once you have created a triangle near your cuticle.

Before you begin the next step, make sure that the tape is pushed down completely to your nail, especially around your cuticles and the edge of your nail. This will minimize polish bleeding under the tape.

Using either the nail polish brush or a detail brush for more precision, paint all the ‘Vs’ with your black polish.

Then, carefully paint the triangle with your mint polish. You can use your detail brush or the polish brush. I used Sephora by OPI’s Read My Palm.
Slowly remove the striping tape with your tweezers or fingers. Use a q-tip or an angled brush dipped in acetone to clean up around your cuticles.

Finally, apply your favorite top coat to protect your hard work. Wait at least 10-15 minutes (or longer) before adding your top coat! You don’t want your hard work to smear.

**Pro tip** Use a fast dry top coat between your base color and your striping nail art. This will provide a protective layer between the two that allows you to fix minor errors that may occur during your taping. If the black polish bleeds under the tape, take a small brush dipped in acetone to carefully remove the polish that has bled. The top coat you previously added will protect your white base coat, but allow you to remove any errors.

For more nail art and tutorials, visit Wondrously Polished!

xoxo, Lindsey