Today I’ll be showing you how to create a fresh, floral look for your nails! All you’ll need are a few supplies and a steady hand.

The Look:

What you’ll need: 

– 4 different colored polishes in colors of your choosing
– A striping/detail brush
– Dotting tool

Step 1 – Base Color:

Begin by paining your nails a solid base color. I chose Zoya’s Caitlin. Wait for this to completely dry, or add a quick dry top coat if you don’t want to wait.

Step 2 – Flower Petals:

 Using your dotting tool or detail brush, add 2-3 small dots of your lightest polish – I used Lime Crime’s Milky Ways – in the upper part up your nail, near your cuticle. Be sure to leave enough room for your petals.

 Use your detail brush to add the petals – paint short, thin lines in a semi-circle around the lower half of the dots you previously created.

 Step 3 – Flower Center:

With your darkest polish and detail/striping brush, paint semi circles around the dots you created in Step 1. Add tiny dots above the semi-circle to create the center of your flower. Using a striping or detail brush, add thin lines down the center of each petal.

Step 4 – Flower Stems:

 Create your flower stems with a bright green polish and a striping brush.

 **Tip** Hold your striping brush stationary over your nail and roll your nail underneath the brush to create straight lines every time.

 And that’s it! Wait a few minutes and add your favorite top coat to ensure your manicure lasts.

xoxo, Lindsey @ Wondrously Polished