Hey ladies,
Winter is hardly half way through, but with the appearance of beautiful spring clothing in stores and on the Lulus site, we’re ready for warmer seasons to come. The pretty mints and floral prints had us excited so we decided to do a floral manicure this week. A reader of ours taught us the simple steps to making easy rose-like flowers, so follow along below!

Here’s the look we’re going for:

What you’ll need:
– mint nail polish
– hot pink nail polish
– white nail polish
– green nail polish
– fast dry top coat
– a toothpick

Start with a few coats of your base color. Allow the coats to dry completely before continuing.

Now take your pink nail polish and dab a small dot on your nail. Then grab the white polish and dab a small dot directly next to the pink one.

Then take your toothpick (quickly before the polishes dry) and “stir” the dots together to make a swirled together spot of polish.

The take the other end of your toothpick and pick up some green polish. Dab the toothpick sideways to create a small leaf shape on the sides of your flower. Repeat the above steps multiple times on each nail to make a repeated flower pattern.

and then top coat and you’re done– your nails will be ready or the spring in no time!