This lace nail tutorial is inspired by the new lookbook: Sunny Side! This mint lace romper caught my eye and I couldn’t resist creating a matching tutorial. Get the look below!


The Look:

What you’ll need:

– 2 different colored polishes
– A detail brush
– Optional: dotting tool

Step 1 – Base Color:

Paint a bright and fun base color. I used Julep’s Robin and applied a fast dry top coat to create a smooth canvas.

Step 2 – Scallops: 

Paint tiny scallops in a straight line along your cuticle. The size of your nail will determine how many you’ll be able to fit. I used OPI’s My Vampire is Buff.

Step 3 – Triangles:

Add tiny triangles along the scallops you created. The point of the triangles should be centered over the join line of each scallop.

Step 4 – Dots:

Using your brush or a dotting tool, add 2-3 dots extending off the tip of the triangle. Add more dots along the edge of the triangles to fill in your look.

**Note** Don’t worry if your nail art polish is thick/textured on your nail – adding a top coat when you’re done will create a smooth nail surface.

You can also mix things up a bit by flipping the design – have the scallops start along the tip of your nail instead! Add your favorite top coat and that’s it! You’ll have a bright and unique manicure that is sure to turn heads.
xoxo, Lindsey @ Wondrously Polished