Happy Monday Ladies!

We’re back with another nail stamping tutorial. These manicures require a couple of extra tools (a nail stamping kit), but it’s a worthy investment if you’re a big nail art enthusiast! We decided to go with a festive red and white plaid to match your Christmas morning pajamas or that sparkling holiday dress.

Here’s the look we’re going for today:

What you’ll need:
– A base color (we used red!)
– Konad Special Nail Polish (white)
– A top coat
– Konad Image Plate, Stamp and Scraper
– Nail Polish Remover & Makeup Remover Pads (not shown)

Start with a few coats of your base color & allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next steps.

Now gather your Konad Stamping items together. These special tools can be purchased online & getting a starter kit costs under $25. The metal image plates are available with hundreds of different designs on them. You also need a “stamper” and a “scraper” and their special nail polish… the first step is to grab your special polish & apply it over the entire etched design that you want to apply to your nail.

Then take your scraper and using one swift movement, scrape off all the excess nail polish off of the design. It helps to have a piece of scrap paper sitting under your plate so that you don’t end up scraping the nail polish onto your table.

Moving VERY quickly, take your stamper tool and pick up the design from the plate. It’s important to move quickly or the thin coat of polish will dry onto the plate. Usually, the thinner the image (these stripes are tiny!) the more quickly the paint will dry up!

Now that you’ve transferred a detailed design onto your stamper, you can carefully stamp it onto your nail in a rolling motion.

Once you have done one nail, grab the nail polish remover pads and clean up the excess polish from your plate and stamp. You can repeat the step for each nail and then clean the excess off your cuticles with a cotton swab.

After finishing all nails, top coat them to seal in the design & be sure to take quick swipes so that you don’t smear the design. And there you go! The stripes on mine came out slightly wavy because of some unsteady hands, but practice makes perfect & sometimes you just have to embrace those little mistakes on a DIY manicure.