Hey ladies,
This week we’ll be showing you another tutorial with a simple dotting technique. We’ve been noticing a lot of quilted style fabrics in fashion lately. The classic Chanel quilted leather purse is iconic as ever and we’ve been seeing plenty of jackets, skirts and shorts in a similar luxurious style! We’ve tried to capture the textured look in this week’s manicure with a simple black and white palette.

Here’s the look we’re going for:

What you’ll need:
– black nail polish
– white nail polish
– fast dry top coat
– a dull pencil
– a toothpick

Start with a few coats of your base color. Allow the coats to dry completely before continuing.

Then take your white nail polish (any contrasting color will work!) and put a few drops onto a scrap piece of paper or on some foil.

Then use your “dotting tool” and dip it into the paint.

Simply touch the tip of the pencil to your nail and you’ll have a perfect dot! Continue in an alternating pattern with the dots evenly spaced out.

Then take your toothpick and dip into the paint.

The smaller tip will make tiny dots, so use this tool to “connect the dots”. Just adjoin the larger dots with a dotted line. Form little diamond shapes to get a quilted look!

Do the same to each of your nails.

and then top coat and you’re done– your nails will look luxe and textured like a certain expensive designer bag 😉