Q: “I see so many people mixing patterns. What is the right way to mix different patterns to create an outfit?”

– Instagram user @xsambam

A: Mixing Patterns is sort of something that happens partially by accident. When I started thinking about how I make the outfit look like less of a mess and more planned, the rule of thumb I came to is; one pattern can be colorful and one more of a two tone print. Next up there should always be one tie in color, in my outfit it is the black outlines in both prints. Lastly, if you feel like you want to tone down the prints and step out of the house less loud, add a layer over your outfit, a jacket or a cardigan will do the trick. It helps tone down the idea of an all over print day. Since we are getting into details here, I chose black straps on my shoes as that was my tie in color in both prints.

Summer is all for fun and colors and I love mixing them in all kinds of ways! Key is to not be shy and, when in doubt, throw on a denim jacket! Happy Wednesday!

xoxo, Kiara


The colorful mixed print shorts and pineapple print top are instantly brought together with this versatile denim jacket and neutral wedges.





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